Worship & Creative Arts

At Grace in Pagosa we seek to pursue a lifestyle that reflects praise and worship for our living God in all we do. Our Sunday morning worship service is led by our Praise & Worship team incorporating music that is both theologically rich and contemporary in nature. Each Sunday morning we seek to prepare the hearts of the Body of Christ and lead them in authentic worship that reveals God’s glory and the magnificence of His Holy Spirit.

Our Worship and Creative Arts Team is led by Pastor Jason Rose, who seeks to build, equip, and encourage his team in the spirit of excellence and humility. The team is also responsible for bringing artistic and music productions to our church and community, and featuring artists in concert such as Dallas Holm, Robin Mark, Pierce Pettis, Stetson & Cia Adkisson, Randy Stonehill, Michelle Whalen, Pierce Pettis and JJ Heller.

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