Family Integrated Worship

A Conversation with Mark & Kathy Faber – Grace Children’s Ministry Directors

Q:: Why do we include the kids in the worship service rather than dismissing them to a children’s class?

A:: We believe that the best way for children to learn to worship is to have it modeled by parents, grandparents and other influential adults.    Through their participation in corporate worship, they will develop an authentic connection to the Body and our Lord.

Q:: So, is it true that Grace offers no children’s classes?

A:: No!  We believe that peer connection is just as important for children as it is for adults. Therefore, Children’s Ministry classes are held during the Biblical Life Development hour, Sunday mornings at 9am.

Q:: This is a big change for my family.  Does Grace offer resources to help?

A:: We realize that incorporating children into the worship service can be difficult, especially for parents!  We provide worship activity totes and children’s bulletins to help keep children focused during the service. Mark & Kathy Faber are always available to help during this important transition.