The Grace Mission Team encourages our missionaries, either long or short term, local or around the world, with friendship, prayer and financial support. We also share their ministry news so our Grace family is better acquainted with them and their work. We review incoming application requests for mission support and are accountable to our budget funds and the Grace family.

We see that our missionaries are covered in prayer by our Life Teams, our Intercessory Prayer Ministry, and by our pastor. When a member from our body leaves for a mission trip, or one of our missionaries visit, he or she is asked to share their vision and ministry focus to allow the Grace family to be touched by God for continued covering prayer.

Each week our church bulletin features a Mission Corner to give a current overview of a ministry family and their recent work and needs. Our prayers are a vital part of their work as they reach out in service to carry God’s word and love to the world.

If you have an interest in praying, going on a short term outreach, or being a part of the Grace Mission Ministry Team, please contact: grace@graceinpagosa.org.

Global Strategy

Our global strategy and prayer is to reach people from every tribe and tongue with the gospel, the message of God’s love in spirit and truth. In addition to a healthy local outreach in our southwest Colorado area, and two campus ministries in the U.S., we have adopted the mandate to send workers into all corners of the world, as we are able. We currently support five families who minister overseas and five who serve in the U.S. as well as many local outreaches. We feel it is imperative to be strategically focused on needs where the gospel is critical, brought by the best workers who apply to go.

Missionary Criteria

It has been our experience that God has brought highly skilled and trained missionaries to Grace. They have interviewed and met the requirements of our Mission Policies before signing a two-year commitment. We have felt it important to select those who would each minister in one of three areas; where people are cut off from any gospel message by geography or government; in areas where there is minimal exposure or interest, and then others where the gospel is freely heard but not accepted or felt to be important.

Our Missionaries

Timothy and Ashley Keller:  In a predominately English-speaking African country, the distribution of Bibles and Christian school materials, as well as preaching keeps Timothy away from home often. Ashley supports his passionate gift of teaching his newly developed Christian school curriculum. She works very hard to raise their four children in a difficult culture. An amazing new home will have space for ministry as well as their growing family.

Blake and Liza Buckman: This committed couple’s campus ministry focuses on disciplining and mentoring. They both passionately reach into many areas of campus life to make an eternal difference in the lives of young adults. Their desire is to see these lives directed to Jesus during this crucial decision time. They are very creative in the ways they live Christ-centered lives that support the focus of their ministry. Blake is getting to be a pretty good ball player while he’s “hanging out”.

Bay and Peg Forrest: This busy couple travel to share God’s heart for the world at retreats in the US and overseas in Africa, Cuba and Indonesia. Peg has a campus ministry in Phoenix with college women. Bay has opportunities to minister to African youth, as well as at men’s and church retreats. Together they are much sought after speakers at conferences and churches.

Bill and Barbara Fair: From their home in Colorado this couple share the gospel in unique ways. They guide for private hunting camps, host travelers God sends their way, and many times share a meal at their open table as they focus on prayer for those who come. They serve primarily across the U.S. preaching, disciplining, and mentoring.

Buon and Theresa Anderson: Buon and Theresa focus on discipling youth and families year-round in a retreat setting in central France. Buon designs many of the retreat’s extreme sport adventures and leads camp worship and for their church. They both have administrative roles. Summer and winter camps always include encouragement and teaching for a deeper commitment to the Lord for those who attend. They each have a major involvement in their local church while raising their two sons.

PIONEERS: now in its 30th year, is an evangelical mission with 2400 international members serving on 200 church-planting teams in 95 countries among 130 people groups. These teams include community projects for pure water, health education, and bible teaching most often in Muslim countries. Their focus is on individual heart transformation.

Short-term mission trips from Grace

These trips will be designed to allow youth and adults, as they are encouraged, to explore a call to short-term or long-term missions. In the past we have done fundraising events and provided information about different opportunities to support those who wanted to go.

Anyone seeking financial assistance for a project must submit an application to the mission team. They must be members of Grace or regular attendees.

In 2010 a group went to Manzanillo, Mexico to love the kids at an amazing orphanage, as well as help build a home for a local family. That same summer three members went to a retreat center in France to help ready the facility for the upcoming camping season. In 2011 a woman went to the Dominican Republic to work with deaf children. She had also gone to Zambia, Africa, in 2006 to work with children during a family conference. Also in July 2011 a large team went to Alabama to help families devastated by the tornadoes. The summer of 2012 was busy with three exciting trips. One of our doctors went to Guatemala with a medical team to work at village clinics; a college student went to Fiji with her campus ministry team; another student went to Zambia with her campus team for a clean water project and children’ work. In the future there is a trip planed to Cuba to minister and support pastors and their wives at a regional conference.